Our Code

Do you want a collection of names? Or do you want a Spartan?

In Ancient Greece, Sparta was the only city-state that existed without walls as a defense. What kept its citizens prosperous and safe was Spartan excellence. To gain citizenship, each Spartan underwent years of training and remained dedicated all their life to living above a certain standard. This code and the practice of it were the only walls needed from those who desired to take or refused to give.

The Spartan Code

  • Certainty – We will provide certainty in both the process and costs of representation.
  • Communication – We communicate consistently with our clients and will never leave a client uninformed even when it requires brutal honesty.
  • Competence – We continually train to ensure our knowledge and skill is unmatched.
  • Creativity – We approach every task with our eyes towards innovation and efficiency and pride ourselves on a culture of imagination.
  • The Spartan Code
  • The Spartan Difference
  • The Spartan Virtues